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Sewage Clean Up

Sewer water is not only gross but also dangerous to you and your family. Sewer backup contains harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and at times sharp objects that may be harmful to people. The odor produced by the sewage makes it very hard to stay in your home, business premises or even your office. Sewage backup maybe as results of sewage blockage due to solid blockage, roots infiltration, city sewage overflow, and sewer pipes breaking or having holes. Missouri City Air Duct Cleaning Prois a leading cleaning company that helps in cleaning sewage after a sewage backup or sewage leaking. Our company is comprised of well trained and experienced local technicians with knowledge of sewage cleaning and restoration.

What does sewage clean up and restoration entail?

Sewage cleaning involves cleaning of the building after sewage damage or sewage back up to ensure that the building is safe enough to stay again. At Missouri City Air Duct Cleaning Pro we give out clients a free initial assessment, with our modern equipment and experienced workers we are able to analyze the problem and come up with a plan on the restoration of the building to its normal foam.

Sewage and water extraction

The first step of restoration is the extraction of water and sewage from the building. After the assessment of the building, our technicians will recommend if the sewage backup is large or small. For large sewage back up, we will use the modern pumps to pump out the sewage from the affected area. In cases where the sewage backup has affected a small area, we will use the vacuums to suck out the water and the sewage.

Removal and disposal

After the inspection, our specialist will assess the damage and materials that have been affected. If some material can be restored then they will be restored but other materials will have to be disposed of. Some of the materials that may be difficult to restore may include plaster, carpeting, ceiling, carpet padding and some of the personal belonging. In some case, even the furniture’s and some personal items may also be disposed of.

Dry Out.

Once we have removed all the materials that cannot be restored and disposed of them, then we use professional grade air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out the areas and materials that have been affected. With our experience, we know that the longer the environment stay humid the greater the chances of further damage. Therefore we closely monitor our equipment to ensure that there is a small duration for drying up of the building.

Sanitize, disinfect and deodorize.

After the area is dry, it does not guarantee that the area is safe to get back in. Exposure of sewage in the house introduces new harmful microorganism and parasite, also the odor in the house is not that pleasant. Therefore using the skills provided by the experienced specialist we sanitize and disinfect the building to ensure that the viruses, bacteria, parasites, and mold do not get any environment to grow. After that, we deodorize the building to remove the bad odor in the building.

Reconstruction of the building.

The final stage of cleanup and restoration is the rebuilding of the building to its original condition. This may include installing new carpets, hanging new drywall and installing new carpets.  In some case, the client may request for personalized repairs and changes in the original conditions which we can do.

Categories of Contaminated Water

 Water is divided into three categories based upon the health risks associated with that source. A sewage backup is almost always considered category 3 or black water because it poses a significant health risk to humans and pets.

Clean Water

Clean water does not pose any threat to humans.

 Grey Water

Grey water contains chemical, biological, or physical contaminants that may cause discomfort or sickness in humans and pets.

Black Water

Black water is grossly unsanitary and contains harmful bacteria and fungi that may cause severe discomfort or sickness in humans and pets. Sewage backups, toilet overflows contain feces, and flood waters from lakes, seas, rivers, streams, or ground surface water are the most common examples. Grey water that is not promptly removed may become black water if allowed to remain stagnant within your home or property.

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